My job is to help you and guide you with your personal administrative work. I will assist you and represent you with the French administration and various professional contacts. I will help you to understand and carry out your actions and correspondence
Administrative Support
French administration
Management of your paperwork
Craftmen, retailers and service providers approach
Trilingual Secretary French, Danish, English
I represent you and carry out your administrative procedures and deal on your behalf with the French administration:
Prefectural office ( driving license, car registration ), town council (building permit...)
Tax people, Health insurance fund, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Trades
I take care of the management of your personal contracts and represent you if needed:
Banks, Insurances, co-owners' association, real estate agencies, telephone and internet, electricity, water and gas
If you need I'll take care for your quote requests and offer you a comparative analysis of the bids.
I coordinate and supervise the work or service in your absence and inform you with a written report with photographs
I will assist you in case of unexpected events (failure, water damage, robbery, fire ...)
I take care of the monitoring and processing of your mail and organize the mail-forwarding at your request
I write your letters and e-mails
I make your phone calls and take your appointments
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